Beginner to Advanced

We offer classes for ages 3 to 18 and beyond.

Session 1 Every other Wednesday class

Summer Session begins June 6-27

Session 2 begins September 6


Tumble 1

This class will help to learn age appropriate skills in tumbling while learningthe fundamentals of gymnastics; forward rolls, backward rolls, cartwheels and more. (45 minutes)

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Tumble 2

This class focuses on skills that will help athletes gain strength, flexibility, balance and basic tumbling skills. Forward rolls, cartwheels, hand stands, extensions, bridge work and more. (60 minutes)
*Skill Check required for this class

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Tumble 3

This class is the most advanced class at Ignite, focusing on intermediate-advanced skills such as back handsprings, front handsprings, front walkovers, combination tumbling and more.  (60 minutes)
*Skill Check required for this class 


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